Posted on July 30 2016

Who is Chili Ortega? They are about to find out!!!

The whole game of being an exhibitor at one of those massive conventions inside a ginormous building was totally new to me. The thought of even attending a convention makes me anxious. Too many people. Too many peddlers. Too many hustles. And too much of the same. 

But, my thinking was i had a different brand voice. And if im going to be the new kid on the block, i'm going to stand out by just being me. I wanted to stay simple and stay true and my booth should reflect that. I also didn't want to drag a lot of shit with me in there and have to drag it back out. So, with a quick trip to Blick, i bought a few foam core boards, some chalk paint & pens, and some tape and ta-da....Booth #2885!

Now, let's do it!!!

When they give you a 6'x 6' booth anything is possible!!!

 We're more than t-shirts, we're a lifestyle....Watch and see!!!

 ...and we made friends with Andrea Giler, the awesome designer from Ecuador!!! (she's the one on the right, smooth on the left is my wife!!!)



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